5. Capture the Flag

               Players must attempt to capture the opposition’s flag and return it to their base. Each team must work together both offensively, to pick up their oppositions flag, and defensively, to protect their own. When a player has picked up their oppositions flag by tagging their base, they must return to their own base in order to capture it. However, a player can only capture the flag if their base has their own flag in it. So if both teams are currently carrying their opposition flag, neither team will be able to drop the flag off at their base to capture it until their own flag has been returned. A flag can be returned by tagging the enemy player who is carrying it.
6. One Tag Team

             A team game where if a player tags a different team player all the players in that team are tagged. Just a quick fun game.
7. Rift Insanity

            This is a team game where your team changes every time you are tagged.  Every now and then the players’ team will randomly change.
8. Seeker

            Seeker is a team based game involving Seekers and Ghosts. There can only be one team who are Ghosts at any one time, Ghosts being the only ones who can tag other players and score points. Seekers must therefore seek out the BIG BALL (which is an active base) and tag it in order to become Ghosts. All players start the game as Seekers. During the game the Big Ball will move randomly to different bases so players have to seek it Out to become Ghosts.