11. Commanders

This is a team game. Each team has a Commander that players can tag to gain bonus points. The first player to activate their phaser 5 times in a game is selected as the commander on each team. Commanders are white, all other players are their team colour.


1. Game: Solo

Solo is a simple game in which players compete against each other in a solo free for all. The player with the highest point score at the conclusion of the game is declared the winner.

2. Colour Ranked Solo

This is a Solo game where the players rank in the game shows up as the colour of the pack while player is active.

4.Solo Elimination

This is a solo game where players have limited health. When a player runs out of health their game ends.

5. Survivor

Solo game where players have limited health. Each time a player tags another player they get 1 health point and the tagged player loses a health point. When a player has 0 health, they are eliminated from the game. Last player in the game is the winner.